About history of Bhopal, The capital of Madhya Pradesh is carved and chiseled by Mother nature herself and could analogically be called, The city Hill station. With the picturesque and serene water resources, Bhopal is the aqua chamber of mother nature. With more than 10 lakes, it is rightfully called the city of Lakes. More ...

Bhopal as a state came into being on 1st June, 1949, with the chief commissioner as the head of this part Ė c state. After the election a popular ministry was formed in March, 1952 with Dr. Shankar dayal sharma as the chief minister.

Some places click thoughts and take us down to the memory lanes of history. Some others are having names in the records of history books. Fortunately, Bhopal falls in both of the categories. Bhopal is the He City, Masculine, Passionate, Bubbling with energy. A lot of potential world class visiting spots are there if you are in search of good things on earth. Bhopal is blessed with great mosques (with serene architectural & historical background). The natural reservoir of water(in shape of the system of lake).Grand assembly hall (the war capital of India),Islam nagar, Bhojpur, Manuabhan ki tekri, Bhim bhetka, to name just a few. The iceberg is under the tips.

Education is the touchstone of mind, local or global, the world runs with education and the knowledge that comes through that. Knowledge if applied in perspective becomes the skill and skill is a sellable commodity. Bhopal is the education hub. People from all around Bhopal (the nearby villages and intra zonal/state) students get a blissful atmosphere for the knowledge. May God bless us with evolution and the knowledge

As a future center of education Bhopal needed the space and locations for the staying of visitors. May they be guests, tourist, students, business class, frequent visitors. We here in Bhopal endeavour to provide the best possible under the blue sky. There is no lacking in the passion for improvement. Good Hotels, lodges, Innís, temples, mosques, Gurudwara, are available for all class.

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Dealing in anything and Bhopal is ready to buy and sell. Good with quality infrastructure, surface as well as digital, Bhopal is online the world. Entrepreneur from all walks of life are coming through and learning the tricks of the trade. Life is a business and people in Bhopal are good students. Business is sure to pick up.

Feel you get retired. What do you want. With still 20 year to spend and enough to invest on your self ? I know the answer. You want peace, happiness, good food, education for children and good pass times, Bhopal has got all these potentials to offer. So may be Bangalore or Raiseema or Assam or Bhubaneshwar or Mumbai or Delhi. If you want peaceful retired life, Bhopal offers the best of the real estate. So if you wanna invest for the vision home, choice is on for the making.

With BHEL, One of the jewel level industry in Indian industrial map, Bhopal is already there on the world radar. Mandeedeep , Peetham pur and so many nearby sites and industrial locations are boozing employment to the youth of Bhopal and nearby youth . Bhopal offers good opportunities in all the hierarchies of business and industry, try your endeavors. Good Luck

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With V.B. Karnt and Habib Tanvir as the milestones, Bhopal is a busy bed of stage oriented artists. Bhopal is the Art capital of Madhya Pradesh and Bharat Bhavan is the jewel in Indian crown. With the shoot of ďRajneetiĒ the film directed By Prakash Jha Bhopal presents sites and location worth picturing Business. Bhopaliwood is not a distant dream.
Aish Bagh and National stadium represent Bhopal on national sports radar. Prakash tarun Pushkar organizes word class events, Scope and interest is a lot in Bhopal. So go Bhopal play.

The Sophistication and the simplicity It is glorious to be a part of modern times once a great man said and we canít prove him wrong. The sophistication that comes with the modern tools and gadgets make this time a hilarious experience that makes modern time alive, that no other times in history could ever match. But the modern generation is still that same old monotonous, greedy, selfish, sloppy, mediocre living. I donít sometime understand why we donít grow further from where they were.