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Bhopal Historical Monuments

About Place:“A thing of beauty is a joy forever “ The poet said. Bada talab is such a beauty; Once you visit and get enthralled by sightseeing and a magnificent sunset. You can’t forget Bhopal for having, A joy forever. Sprawling over an area of about 6 square kilometers, the Upper Lake is divided from the Lower Lake by an over bridge. So many natural paradigms gloom for the light and the mobile cameras start flashing for recapturing the delight one gets from Bhopal. A bada talab such wonder carved by nature and man. A Great visionary Raja Bhoj had started the construction and of after decades Rani Kamlawati finished it. There is Rani Kamplapati situated on the Band of chhota Talab near kilol park. Make your visit to this place even more exciting by going on a boat trip in the lake. Nearby to the Lake is the zoo which is called Van Vihar and has in store a lot of wild animals such as the tigers, leopards, lions, and bears, among other animals. Near the Lower Lake, you can visit an aquarium. This fish-shaped aquarium houses a number of enthralling species of fish.
About Place:Laxmi Narayan Temple is also known as the Birla Mandir and is located to the south of the Lower Lake on the Arera Hills. It was a rumour or A may be reality that the chiesel never stops (work never pause) at Birla Industry in building temples. Close to the temple is a museum that is the repository of sculptures from the districts of Raisen, Sehore, Mandsaur, and Shahdol in Madhya Pradesh. There are stone sculptures mostly of Shiva, Vishnu, and their respective consorts and incarnations. North of Birla Mandir, get a Picturesque view of Bhopal from where one can see The Bada Talab and chhota talab at the same time. In one word ‘Gem’ of Bhopal
About Place:One of the Tallest dome in Asia Taj-ul Masjid flaunts being one of the largest in India and occupies an important place among the various places of tourist interest in Bhopal. The erection of this mosque was started by Shah Jahan Begum that took place during her reign from 1868 A.D. to 1901 A.D., but it was never accomplished in her lifetime. Construction of the mosque was completed in the year 1971 by the efforts of the Government of India. A great pilgrim site to visit. These days, this huge pink mosque featuring two stupendous white-domed minarets is used as a school for religious teachings. The religious ceremony called Ijtima is held here each and every year that attracts numerous tourists from all parts of India.
About Place:Carved with a grand design for addressing and prayer. A great tourist, pilgrim visit. Moti Masjid, in Red stones is like a junction connecting New and Old Bhopal . The magnificent Moti Masjid was built by Qudsia Begum's daughter Sikander Jahan in the year 1860 A.D. and is identical in style to the Jama Masjid of Delhi. The two dark red minarets covered by golden spikes add to the grandeur of this beautiful masjid. Hamidiya Hospital, Sadar Manzil, Kali Mandir, are just round the corner. One can have a quick survey of the Real Bhopal and the lifestyle of the heritage.
About Place:Master plan draft of visionaries moniters to quell, collapse shaukat Mahal, Have a quick visit. All Good things are not forever. Shaukat Mahal is another draw for the archaeologists and is located at the entrance of the Chowk gate. This startling building is built in the European style, thereby distinguishing it apart from the predominantly conventional Islamic architecture of the region. I tell you and offer you a quick visit to the shukat Mahal before it gets collapsed by the bulldozer.
About Place:The head quarters of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation. The Sadar Manzil is a great architectural beauty. You just cannot afford to miss out the stately hall of public audience of the earlier rulers of Bhopal. Gate to Bairagarh and airport. Something on which Bhopal can proud.
About Place:The event which caught the eye of the world for the first time in History was not a happy one, Rather, A catastrophe of a magnitude. One of the top 10 chemical Industry disaster, at the night of 3 rd Dec 1984, The Chimneys of the carbide plant were oozing the smoke of MIC, the deadly gas methyl isocyanide which gulped more than 20,000 lives at one shot, and still impacts the life of Bhopal and the posterity to that day. The 1984 gas leak in Bhopal, India, was a terrible tragedy that understandably continues to evoke strong emotions even 25 years later. In the wake of the release, Union Carbide Corporation worked diligently to provide immediate and continuing aid to the victims and set up a process to resolve their claims – all of which were settled 18 years ago at the explicit direction and with the approval of the Supreme Court of India. Since the time of the incident, the chemical industry has worked to voluntarily develop and implement strict safety and environmental standards to help ensure that an incident of this type never occurs again. May god give solace to the victims of tragedy and those who could not survive, may they rest in peace.
About Place:The paradise in the lake city that is Van Bihar Spread over a vast area of 445 hectors of land on a majestic hillock, the Van Vihar National Park is situated in the heart of Bhopal city. An oasis of greenery, this national park house a variety of herbivorous and carnivorous species in their natural habitat, living in piece with nature at one side and a booming town at other phase of Bada talab. Van Vihar is more of a zoo than a national park. Most of the animals are either orphaned, brought from various parts of the state, or those which are exchanged from other zoos. Van Vihar is a place where the visitors are provided with the opportunity to enjoy, experience, understand and appreciate nature. They organize camp for bird watching and a little conversation with mother nature, must visiting place. The park is open from 7 am to 11 am and 3 pm to 5 pm and closed on Tuesdays. It provides free entry to the park for schools, colleges and senior citizens. July to September is the ideal time to visit the park, but as you know, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.
About Place:Bharat Bhawan is one of the most unique national institutes in India. This is a centre for the performing and visual arts. Bharat Bhawan is designed by the renowned architect Charles Currier. There are a museum of the arts, an art gallery, a workshop for fine arts, a reparatory theatre, indoor and outdoor auditoria, rehersal room, and libraries of Indian poetry, classical and folk music .
About Place:An open-air exhibition of tribal house types located on Shamla Hills. The exhibition highlights the architectural features and has elaborately displayed interiors. The surroundings have been reconstructed to match some of the interesting environmental features of tribal villages. The habitat is open every day except on Mondays and national holidays from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.
About Place:The history of this lake is about two hundred years old. This was built by Chote Khan, A minister in the kingdom of Nabab Hayat Mohd. Khan in the year 1794. Before construction of this lake, there were many wells, which were used to draw water for agricultural and other purposes. But after the construction of the tank all wells merged in this lake. The smaller lake is spread over an area 7.99 square kilometer. A Century and half ago the tank was maximum 11.7 meters and minimum 6.16 meters deep.
About Place:It is situated near Raj-Bhavan and old assembly hall. It came into existence on 31st May,1977. Covering one hectare area fish house is built in fish like structure. It attracts visitors a lot. Fish house is a double storey structure. Upper portion has forty glass aquariums, where various species of living and colorful fishes can be seen. In the Fish house you can see Golden Shark,paradise blue,Rosy Barb,King Kobra,Golden plata,Golden Gormi, Tiger Barb,Black Moor and King Zebra. In the lower section are 26 big aquariums. Here is kept collection of fishes brought from state and national lakes,rivers and ponds,Among these can be seen Rohu, Katla, Mirgal, Sawal, Padin, Collet, Ticto, Pencil-Fira and Bam fish. Fish hose is open for visitors from 1st April to 30th Sept from 1.00 PM to 8 PM and from 1st October to 31st March from 12.00 PM to 7 PM.
About Place:This is a science museum located on the picturesque Shyamala Hills. This centre houses about 300 science exhibits in ‘Invention’ and ‘Fun Science’ galleries. ‘Taramandal’ and Planetarium at the centre helps the students and enthusiasts study the astral and mysterious world of stars, galaxies and the universe. Stargazing sessions are organized at the planetarium for those who want to have a real close view of these luminous bodies
About Place:The famous temple is located near Lalghati. It is said that Late Baba Narayandas founded it in the year 1949. In the large campus of mandir, beautiful idols of Lord Shiva ,Ram – Laxman, Sitaji,Goddes Durga and Hanuman are built. People and devotees from different places come for darshan everyday. A sanskrit college is also located in the campus.
About Place:Shri Ram temple is situated near lower lake and district Commandant office. It was built 150 years ago. Beautiful idols of Lord Ram , Laxman, Sitaji,Goddes Durga , Sitla Mata, Lord Ganesh, Saibaba, Lord Shankar sitting on Nandia attract lot of devotees and visitors. A fare is held every year on Dol-Gyaras.
About Place: Park’s beauty attract tourists. In Bhopal, Main parks are Kamla park,Vardhman park, Kilol park, Karishma Park, Yadgare Shahjahani park, Neelum park, Naunihal park, Ekant park, Chinar park and Nandan park. During evening these parks are visited by by citizen’s of the localities.
About Place:The sprawling industrial town of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) spread over 19.56 sq. kilometer and having a population of about 1.5 lack, has a quaint charm of its own. This modern township has been maintained with excellent amenities for residential quarters,shopping centres, hospitals, schools, colleges, parks, clubs etc.
About Place:Shahjahan Begum got it built on about five acres of land . This area is known as idgah hills. Muslim devotees offer their prayers on ID and other occasions.

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