Free Astrology

Astrology for Marriage

  1. When will I get married?
  2. Vivah yog in the Kundali
  3. The reasons for early marriage.
  4. When you will get married, the date and year estimate.
  5. How will be my married life?

Astrology for Job / Career

  1. When will I get a govt/private job?
  2. Will my switching over from service to business be good for me?
  3. Will I get the promotion?
  4. When will I start business?

Astrology for Wealth

  1. Will my income increase/decrease?
  2. I am not having enough wealth. Shall I get wealth in future?
  3. When will my business grow-up ?

Astrology for Education and Competitions

  1. Will I travel to a foreign country for higher education?
  2. Will I get admission for higher studies?
  3. Which line of education would be most suitable for me?

Astrology for Health

  1. When will my health improve?
  2. Will an alternate therapy bring betterment in my health?

Astrology for Childbirth or Progeny

  1. When will we have a child?
  2. I had a miscarriage. Will I conceive again and give birth to a healthy child?
  3. Will my child healthy?

Astrology for Property / Vehicle

  1. When will I buy a property?
  2. Can I purchase property on my name?
  3. I want to purchase a property with the help of loan. Should I purchase it?
  4. I am not having a car. When will I buy a car?
  5. Which car should I buy?
  6. Which color of car should I buy?



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